Emergency School Closing Procedures
Posted On:
Friday, April 05, 2013
In the event of a school closing for any reason, the Albertville City School’s Central Office will notify the media to broadcast or televise details of the situation.  Please DO NOT CALL the Central Office, individual schools, and radio or television stations.  Details will be broadcasted or televised, as information is available. The broadcast will state Albertville City Schools; Marshall County is a separate school system.
Parents will not be able to check students out during a tornado warning.
For information about school closings, watch TV or log onto their websites, or listen to the following radio stations:
TV Stations:
WAFF 48                         
WAAY 31                      
WHNT 19                      
Radio Stations:                                                              
WQSB  105   F.M. 
WAVU   630  A.M. 
WCRQ  92.7  F.M.
WGSV  1270 A.M.
WTWX  95.0  F.M.
WBSA   1300 A.M.
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