Kitchens, Lance Principal
Robinson, Kristy Assistant Principal
Bonds, Kelly District ELA Coach

Ayer, Lynn Cecil Wright Tutoring Center
Baugh, Keith Physical Education
Bonds, Kelly District ELA Coach
Charles, Spring 7th and 8th Grade
Croft, Torrey 7th Social Studies
Culbert, Leesa Librarian
Davis, Allison Choir
Davis, Jake 7th and 8th Social Studies
Elkins, Kristin 7th Grade Science
Fincher, Noel English/Teacher
Fleming, Carla Teen Connection/Discovery
Handley, Jacob 8th Social Science
Holley, Marlo 7th Grade Science
Jackson, Matthew 8th Science
James, Phillip 8th Grade Math/7th Grade Basketball
Jennings, Sharon Classroom/Attendance Aide
Johnson, Carin 7th Grade English
Jolley, Emily Collaborative Education
Kirkland, Sammi Physical Education Girls
Kitchens, Lance Principal
Lindley, Melissa Band Director
Little, Sherry Teacher Aide
Malone, Christi Intervention/ELL
McCright, Jazmen Special Education
Miller, Tammy 8th English
Mosley, Phillip 7th Social Studies
Nelson, Matthew Physical Education
Painter, Tori Counselor
Patterson, Jimmy Enrichment
Poe, Sharon CNP Asst. Manager
Quinlan, Taylor Science Teacher
Rains, Shannon General Aide - Library 1st-4th
Ramirez, Angel ELL Auxiliary
Roesner, Monica 7th Math
Sanders, Dana School Nurse
Sauls, Brian 8th Grade Science
Scott, Kristi 7th and 8th English
Spurlin, Barbara Secretary
Starnes, Lori Career Prep
Stewart, Amy 7th Math
Stout, Staci Physical Education
Toney, Melia 8th Math
Whisenant, Matthew Agriscience Instructor
Williams, Dana special ed aide
Williams, Janice CNP Manager
Williams, Mark Teacher/Math
Wright, Stacie 8th Grade English
Wynn, Jeff Collaborative Education

Cornelius, Mandy Cafeteria
Coy, Mark Custodian
Poe, Sharon CNP Asst. Manager
Pyatt, Lisa Secretary

Swords, Tania Bookkeeper